2023 School Leaders

22 Mar | '2023

I’ve been very busy visiting local schools to present the 2023 school leaders certificates and to engage on the topic of leadership. Thanks to Mr Cross and the student leaders from Miami State High School for inviting me to your investiture ceremony. It was a proud moment for all of you to be presented with your badges. I met with school leaders at lovely Musgrave Hill State School and presented their certificates. Thanks to Ms McGuinness and Ms Hall for organising that visit. The Broadbeach State School Student Leadership Ceremony celebrated diversity and inclusion. Thanks to Mr Langes and Mr Jenks; it was a delight to see the eager and energetic students and to dish out the cake to all of them afterwards.

Thank you to Principal Elmore at St Michael’s College. It was inspirational to hear the leader’s goals and aspirations for that school. Ms Rebgetz and her team from the Queensland Academies Health Sciences Campus gave me a very warm welcome indeed, and it was wonderful to acknowledge the school leaders for all of their hard work. Principal Hughes from Southport State High School organised a morning tea with student leaders, and we had a terrific round table to discuss their roles and what the students hope to achieve this year. To Merrimac State High School and Principal Cutajar, I say thank you for having me at your seniors assembly. It’s always terrific to speak with school leaders and hear about what drives them forward.

I was also humbled to attend and speak at the student assembly at The Southport School, a school led by headmaster Andrew Hawkins. I commend the teachers and students for the recent welcome to Moncrieff, with over 1,300 foundation supporters, of former prime minister John Howard. The TSS a cappella choir, the drum line and the catafalque party were all outstanding, and I felt very proud of our community as we welcomed him.

I will move on to wonderful Ashmore State School and Principal Karen Brown and Ms Wells for organising their leadership assembly. The students and I talked about public speaking and they asked for a few tips on how to beat those pesky nerves.

At each school I touched on what I believe are the three Ls of leadership, starting with listening to what people have to say. It is important to actively hear with empathy what others say and mean. The second is to commit to a lifelong journey of learning, because learning simply does not stop when you finish school; it goes far beyond that throughout life. The third L is to always be leading by example. Young people especially cannot be what they cannot see, so examples are the showcase for leadership skills.

Time doesn’t always allow for visits to all schools across Moncrieff at this time of year, so to all schools in the central Gold Coast, I congratulate your leaders and wish you all the very best for listening, learning and leading by example. I am so proud of your achievements as young people, setting the example for your student body and your peers. You have a great responsibility that you have embraced to help youth around you and lead the way to your better future.

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