5 Jul | '2024


This Labor government is all talk and no action. They’re spouting and spinning about what a great two years it’s been under Labor, but it hasn’t been a great two years, and Australians know it. It’s been a train wreck. We’ve seen 12 interest rate rises and watched on as Australia’s housing crisis just got […]

5 Jul | '2024


For many young people, traditional education just doesn’t fit. As a result, they become disengaged and sometimes lost. In June I had the great privilege to visit Everything Suarve, or Esuarve, an organisation that offers alternative learning through a 10-week big-brother program for youths aged 16 to 24, with my gold coast colleagues my very […]

5 Jul | '2024

Albanese Government: Cost Of Living

Australians are being conned by this incompetent Labor government. Forty million dollars is being spent on an advertising campaign to tell all of you that you’re better off with their tax cuts. But Australians aren’t mugs—no, they are not. Their bills are up, their costs are skyrocketing and their living standard has collapsed by eight […]

6 Jun | '2024

Labor Government

Incompetence, mismanagement and waste. Words that  describe the government and this Prime Minister.  The most important job of the Prime Minister is keep Australians safe. He has failed to do so with devastating consequences for our community. The boats keep coming and the borders are not secure under this government. Australians feel unsafe on the streets, […]

5 Jun | '2024

Consideration in Detail

It’s disappointing that the minister for this portfolio, an important portfolio, has not turned up for this consideration in detail and has instead sent his junior minister to speak on his behalf. It is verydisappointing for Australians and certainly this side of the chamber. I was reading through my considerationin-detail speech from last year and […]

3 Jun | '2024

Prime Minister

We’re talking about weaknesses in the government, in this matter of public importance today. To me, the weakness seems to be management, and management comes from the top—from the boss. When we’re talking about weaknesses in this Prime Minister, I think it starts with letting down the Australian people on the economy. That’s the first […]

3 Jun | '2024

Moncrieff Electorate – Youth

One of the great privileges of serving in this place is meeting with and visiting so many incredible organisations that support Australians across the country. I’m sure members from both sides would agree. As the Shadow Minister for Youth, there are some amazing organisations that I’ve had the great pleasure of spending time with who […]

29 May | '2024

Immigration Detention

Bosco Minyrano, 22 years old, was stabbed and murdered in Brisbane by domestic violence offender and convicted Sudanese national, Emmanuel Saki. Saki’s visa was reinstated by the AAT as a direct result of the watering down of the law by the Albanese government and the issuance of direction 99. A 14-year-old girl was raped by […]

29 May | '2024


Since the beginning of 2024 and the school year, I’ve been visiting many schools to present school leaders with certificates and to engage in discussions about leadership skills. In the heart of the Gold Coast, Moncrieff is home to 33 schools, 20 of which I have had the privilege to visit so far this year. […]