3 Aug | '2023

Child Abuse

I would join the Leader of the Opposition with regard to his remarks about the heinous alleged crimes perpetrated against 91 precious young Australian girls. It was he, as the Minister for Home Affairs, who set up the agency the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation, in conjunction with the AFP, the Queensland Police Service […]

3 Aug | '2023

Child Care

The Albanese government promised families on at least 100 occasions that they would be better off under Labor, and yet, in just over a month, I’ve been contacted by so many families expressing their frustration at watching their childcare fees increase, their out-of-pocket costs rise and their increased subsidy go up in smoke, Prime Minister! […]

20 Jun | '2023

Little Grubbs Orchard

Little Grubbs Orchard in Southport do fantastic work to support children and families impacted by neurodevelopmental conditions, disabilities, special needs or behavioural issues. When the son of director, Lily Grubb, was diagnosed with autism at age three, her family found there weren’t many support services available. Fortunately, for Moncrieff residents, Lily started Little Grubbs Orchard […]

19 Jun | '2023

Mr Billy Cross

The Gold Coast will always be the proud home of the entrepreneurial spirit, and today I wish to congratulate one of the many local families who have built a global empire from absolutely nothing and thank them for giving back to our community. Forty years ago, a 17-year-old hopeful young man from a Greek migrant […]

15 Jun | '2023

Cost of Living

The one issue that Australians raise with me more than anything is the cost of living, and families are genuinely hurting at the moment. This Albanese government is doing nothing to ease that pressure. Between out-of-control inflation, interest rate rises, mortgages that are skyrocketing, soaring electricity bills and housing uncertainty, Australians feel simply forgotten by […]

14 Jun | '2023

Employment and Workplace Relations – Consideration in Detail

Those on the other side of the chamber should be ashamed of themselves that their cabinet ministers are not here in attendance today. Under the last coalition government, cabinet ministers—the education minister was in this chamber for consideration in detail. It shows the arrogance and hubris coming out of the Albanese government that those cabinet […]

14 Jun | '2023


In the lead-up to the last election, those opposite, Labor, promised Australians that life would be cheaper under them. I ask Australians: do you remember that? Labor promised cheaper mortgages, cheaper electricity and cheaper child care. All of those have been broken promises, because all we’ve seen in the last 12 months is the cost […]

31 May | '2023

Family Assistance Legislation Amendment (Child Care Subsidy) Bill 2023

As a constructive opposition, we’ve always said that we will assess each of the Albanese government’s proposals on its merits. The Family Assistance Legislation Amendment (Child Care Subsidy) Bill 2023 seeks to amend the A New Tax System (Family Assistance) (Administration) Act 1999 to correct administrative errors regarding the way overpayments of the childcare subsidy […]

26 May | '2023

St Hilda’s School

Last week I had the great pleasure of visiting St Hilda’s, a beautiful school in Southport in my electorate, and I received the warmest welcome ever. I was very impressed by the impeccable manners of all 91 girls, who shook my hand when they entered the room. Special thanks to Mrs B for organising this […]

23 May | '2023

Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

The coalition strongly supports affordable access to medicines for all Australians, and we have a strong record to prove it. When we were last in government, we listed more than 2,900 new or amended medicines on the PBS, at an overall investment of around $16.5 billion. However, many concerns have been raised with me in […]