Albanese Government

31 Mar | '2023

What a week! A week full of more broken promises from this Albanese government. In the last seven days we’ve witnessed disgraceful behaviour from some of those opposite in this chamber and against coalition women. The Prime Minister promised a more respectful workplace, and yet in less than 12 months his government’s behaviour has been anything but respectful. But what you expect from a government so untrustworthy that they’ve broken promises to the Australian people? They’ve broken more than they have kept. Labor promised to cut your electricity bill by $275—broken promise. Labor promised cheaper mortgages—broken promise. Labor promised no changes to super—broken promise. Labor promised lower inflation—broken promise. Labor said they wouldn’t touch franking credits—broken promise. Labor said, ‘Industry bargaining is not part of our policy’—broken promise. Labor said they’ll do their bit to assist real wage increases. Labor said they are not about raising taxes—broken promise. The PM once said, ‘If you make a promise and a commitment, you do have to stick to it.’ So why won’t this Prime Minister stand up now and be honest with the Australian people, who deserve better than this two-faced Labor government.

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