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6 Feb | '2024

There is no word that describes the Australian Labor Party better than ‘liars’. They lied about cheaper child care—

The DEPUTY SPEAKER (Ms Claydon): Excuse me, member for Moncrieff: you know that word is unparliamentary, and I ask you to withdraw it.

Ms BELL: I withdraw. There is no word that describes the Australian Labor Party Abetter than ‘pork pies’.

Mr Laxale: That’s two words.

Ms BELL: They lied about electricity prices, they lied about cheaper mortgages and they lied about stage 3 tax cuts, and now they have been found out lying about education and training data. On multiple occasions, ministers of the Albanese government have claimed that since May 2022 their policies have led to an increase of 123,000 educators and teachers in the early learning training pipeline. The only issue with those claims is that they’re simply not true. FOI data provided to the opposition last week revealed that the 123,000 figure was not from May 2022 but was actually from 2021 higher education and 2022 VET data. Those 123,000 educators and teachers in the pipeline are thanks to the Morrison government’s skills and training policies, not Labor’s policies, which hadn’t even been implemented in May 2022.

When confronted, instead of owning up and accepting responsibility, one minister has pathetically tried to blame a missing dash in the Hansard for the error. All of this from a government who promised to be more transparent—it’s disgraceful, and those ministers have misrepresented—

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