Australian Defence Force Parliamentary Program

8 Aug | '2023

During the winter break I had the great privilege of visiting RAAF Base Darwin during Exercise Talisman Sabre. The Australian Defence Force Parliamentary Program provides opportunities for members of parliament to work alongside ADF personnel at all rank levels and aims to increase awareness among parliamentarians of the capabilities of the Australian Defence Force. Importantly, it showcases our very capable and brave men and women and the critical role that they play in the defence of our nation, and it outlines the opportunities for young people.

I stayed on base, participating in 13 Squadron training exercises, including flights aboard C-17 and KC-130 aircraft. A highlight was working in the sergeants mess for half a day preparing meals. Thank you to the team for having me there. I’m here to report that the fitness test was indeed challenging. I managed to come in 10 seconds over the run time, so maybe next time. I’m now training for 2.4 kilometres in 16 minutes,. I proudly acknowledge those men and women who have served our country in conflict and those today who continue to protect our sovereignty in the name of freedom and democracy in our ever-increasingly challenging region.

Special thanks to base commanding officer Jim Collison, an officer and a gentleman, and to Wing Commander Jodie Mather for taking so much time out of her week to chaperone those members and senators who were present around the base and beyond.

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