25 Jan | '2024

The importance of Australia Day

January 26th is a day for national unity where Australians come together to celebrate our democratic traditions, freedoms and resilience. It should also be a time to reflect on our history from all perspectives.

23 Jan | '2024


The Aus debate continues and you know, we were talking to Nic Hayes from Media Stable earlier this morning and he said, ‘You know, when is this merry go round gonna finish? And when are we going to stop having this debate? We need to change the date just so we can stop having the argument.’ Well, to me that’s not a good enough reason. But maybe the way we stop this debate is by stop indoctrinating our kids so that eventually we end up with a generation that doesn’t hate Australia.

23 Jan | '2024


Some child care centres have been accused of politicising classrooms, kids as young as five being made to feel ashamed about Australia. We mentioned yesterday SDN Children’s Services in the ACT now recites an acknowledgement of country on a daily basis, and they teach students that Australia is built on stolen land. Now keep in mind we’re talking about kids at preschool.

11 Dec | '2023

Ms Peta Murphy

I’ll start by saying what a privilege it is to stand here and speak to this condolence motion today and to acknowledge the very heartfelt words from colleagues from across all sides of politics and all parties here today in the chamber. It’s a sensitive and emotional time for everyone, especially those close to Peta—the member for Jagajaga, the member for Cooper—but also those on our side, like the member for Berowra, who also gave a very fitting tribute.

11 Dec | '2023

Labor bungling governing of our great country at every turn

You would think nine years in Opposition would prepare Labor for government, and yet after 18 months they’ve absolutely failed the Australian people. Labor has failed on the economy, delivering 12 interest rate rises, skyrocketing gas, electricity, grocery, and petrol prices.

29 Nov | '2023

Albanese Government

This Labor government is in chaos. It’s like a summer cyclone after 18 months of wind. It’s culminated into a cost-of-living crisis, and the economy is in the low of the storm. Labor’s waters are breaching national security and Australians who rely on their government to keep them safe in their communities are drowning. This […]

28 Nov | '2023

Moncrieff Electorate

It’s been a difficult year for many Gold Coasters in the midst of the Prime Minister’s cost-of-living crisis, and there will be no relief any time soon for those families who are doing it tough. I wish to thank all of those organisations among so many who assist those in my community who need a […]

24 Nov | '2023

Why the housing crisis is State Labor Govt’s failure

Last Friday’s edition contained a thought bubble from the new housing minister that intended to deflect from the mounting woes of the state Labor Government. Typical Labor talking points that say there is nothing to see here and blame the previous federal government for the crisis in housing gripping our region.

14 Nov | '2023

ASE Group

Last week I met with Taj and the team at the ASE Group’s Australian schools of employment and entrepreneurship. Their mission is to equip every Australian with the skills, resources and mindset they need to start a business and enter the workforce, regardless of their postcode. I met Mo, who is actually from Woodridge, which […]