As a not-for-profit, you may be eligible for a variety of federal government support available to assist during this time.

2021-20 Budget
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How do I operate as COVIDSafe?
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Is there COVIDSafe Training?
Is there information available to assist keeping my workplace safe?
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Are there COVID-19 safety resources available for my Organisation?
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Is there support for not-for-profit organisations?
Where do I get information and support?
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Webinar to assist charities
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How do we manage our overheads?
Where can our stood down employees find additional work?
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How do staff we've had to let go apply for JobSeeker?
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How do we get rental assistance?
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Can we get a utility rebate?
What about payroll tax relief?
How can we work more securely online?
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It's okay not to be okay. Feeling stressed?
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How can we contact our local Member for Moncrieff Angie Bell MP?
What do I do if an employee or volunteer has COVID-19?
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Federal Government economic response fact sheets
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COVID-19 Queensland
Latest Federal government updates
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