Child Care

6 Sep | '2023

The last time Labor was in government, out-of-pocket childcare costs skyrocketed by 53 per cent. In the last nine months alone, they’ve already increased by a whopping eight per cent. The Prime Minister promised Australian families cheaper child care. He promised them lower out-of-pocket costs and promised on multiple occasions they would be better off under Labor. And yet, when 1 July arrived, families were disappointed to learn that their fees would increase. In many cases, they were worse off than they were 12 months ago. According to the Parenthood, 90 per cent of families experienced an increase in their childcare fees in July. That’s from the Parenthood. Naomi in Rothwell is just one of those many parents who watched her fees increase by $45 a day for her two children in July. Where is the childcare relief for families this government promised? I’ve yet to speak to one parent who is financially better off now than they were 12 months ago. This is just another policy let-down from a Labor government who over-promises and under-delivers, a Labor government who cares more about themselves than delivering real cost-of-living relief, a Labor government that is more focused on playing politics than delivering for Australian families. Australians are paying a higher price for Labor, who are making all the wrong calls.

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