Covid-19 Vaccine Roll out Rebuttal

3 Jun | '2021


I want to take this opportunity to address the rubbish that’s coming out of Labor state governments over the last couple of days around vaccination roll out. Let’s be clear: on 22 April, the states and territories at National Cabinet agreed to work together on the vaccination roll out strategy. Now they’ve flip-flopped when it suits them, to blame the federal government for their own failures to Queenslanders and to Victorians.

As for the article in The Courier Mail today in Queensland that the Queensland government plans to ‘fix the government’s aged-care roll out’, I say to Queenslanders that this is more rubbish and this is more incorrect political rhetoric coming from Queensland Labor. The Queensland state government has used their own low numbers of vaccination roll out to blame the federal government. It’s what they do. It’s the spin and not the substance. It’s what Labor do best: the politics and not the business of running state governments, certainly in Queensland.

The truth is that the Queensland Labor government has actually wasted some of the vaccinations that have been delivered by the federal government. They won’t talk about it, but they have only utilised 64 per cent of the vaccinations that have been provided to them. The other 36 per cent have been wasted. It’s disgraceful, it’s unconscionable, and it’s not good enough for the good people of the great state of Queensland.

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