Early Childhood Education

3 Nov | '2022

It’s been nine long years since Labor delivered a budget, and it’s clear they still don’t know what they are doing. The government’s $4.5 billion childcare package will not deliver for families, workers or the sector. They have no plan for access, no plan for workers and no plan to address thin markets and childcare deserts. The Prime Minister simply wasn’t listening this afternoon when I outlined that what I meant was: the coalition will not oppose this bill. He wasn’t listening. We moved an amendment to point out the enormous faults in this legislation, for the benefit of our youngest Australians and their families.

The government needs to be upfront with families and explain how they plan to increase access to services, when their policy will put high demand on a system already under pressure. There is no point in $4.5 billion in subsidies if families who need it most can’t access care for their children. The government has failed to address current workforce shortages, which, from July next year, will put further pressure on educators. Without a plan to increase access and to increase the pipeline of educators and retain them in the sector, this policy will leave children worse off. They have not addressed the issues in the sector. They have not addressed access issues. They have not addressed workforce issues. There is not one new place for early childhood in this country, thanks to this Albanese government.

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