Family car to cost thousands more under Labor

4 Mar | '2024

Senator The Hon Bridget McKenzie
Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development
Leader of the Nationals in the Senate
Senator for Victoria

Ted O’Brien MP
Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy
Federal Member for FairFax

Angie Bell MP
Shadow Minister for Early Childhood Education
Shadow Minister for Youth
Federal Member for Moncrieff


Family car to cost thousands more under Labor


4 March 2024

The price of Australia’s favourite SUVs, utes and 4WDs will be jacked up by thousands of dollars under Labor’s proposed carbon tax on vehicles.

Industry analysis of Labor’s family car tax predicts the cost of some popular models such as the Toyota Landcruiser could rise by as much as $25,000.

Federal Member for Moncrieff, Angie Bell said Labor’s newest tax will put too many cars out of reach for families and tradies on the Gold Coast.

“During a cost-of-living crisis, the last thing people want to hear is that the Albanese Labor government is going to increase the cost of Australians’ favourite family cars and utes with a great big tax,” Angie Bell MP said.

“If you’re a tradie and you’re buying vehicles such as a BT-50, a D-Max, HiLux or Ranger, the Albanese Government’s family car tax is going to drive up the cost by thousands of dollars.

“Labor’s family car tax will reduce the choice of vehicles available to locals on the Gold Coast, force up the price of Australia’s top-selling cars and put local jobs at risk as manufacturers threaten to pull out of the market.”

Queensland’s three favourite vehicles in 2023 were the Toyota HiLux, Ford Ranger and Izuzu D-Max, which will each incur a penalty of $14,490, $17,950 and $13,830 respectively under Labor’s proposed tax.

Labor’s family car and ute tax will threaten 13,208 local jobs across Queensland, impacting 703 dealerships in the state, more than 50 of which are right here on the Gold Coast.

Shadow Minister for Transport, Senator Bridget McKenzie said Labor are ignoring reality by hanging on to its claim that the policy will result in lower running costs for a new car.

“In New Zealand, we saw a similar tax drive up the cost of a car by about NZ$7,000. A punitive tax is not the right way to push people towards EVs that are still not affordable or practical for many Australians,” Senator McKenzie said.

“A cleaner and more efficient transport fleet is an important part of reducing emissions, but by Labor making new cars more expensive to buy, many Australians will keep their current car for longer, or choose a second-hand car, resulting in an older and less efficient national fleet.”

Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Ted O’Brien said Labor’s family car tax would punish everyday Australians for choosing to drive the cars they need and love.

“Australians are already suffering under Labor’s cost-of-living crisis and cannot handle yet another hit to the hip pocket from this out of touch and reckless Labor government” Mr O’Brien said.

“The Coalition is willing to engage on emissions reduction measures, but we do not support policies that fail to strike a balance between getting emissions down, minimising costs and maximising choice for all Australians.”

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