First Speech in the 47th Parliament – 90 Second Statement

27 Jul | '2022

Congratulations on your elevation, Deputy Speaker Claydon. I have indescribable gratitude for my constituents in the beautiful electorate of Moncrieff on the Gold Coast, and today I speak for the first time in this 47th Parliament as the shadow minister for early childhood education and shadow minister for youth. But I stand unwavering as the representative for Moncrieff. It’s only right to begin the 47th Parliament by recognising those who’ve honoured me with the privilege of being their voice in this place. To you, the good people of Moncrieff, I say, ‘Thank you, and my door is always yours’.

I’d like to thank the Hon. Peter Dutton, the Leader of the Opposition, for entrusting me with the responsibility of holding this government to account on issues that will affect the next generation and on policies that will shape the way our children and our grandchildren receive early education and care. To the next generation, I say: you are everything. You are the future. You are the reason we work to build a nation that is strong and that is secure. As young Australians today, it is you who will lead the Australia of tomorrow. Teachers often say they learn just as much from their students as their students learn from them, and as shadow minister for early childhood education and shadow minister for youth, I’m listening. I’m working to ensure policies that affect the next generation are in the best interests of their future and of generations to come.

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