Labor Government

6 Jun | '2024

Incompetence, mismanagement and waste. Words that  describe the government and this Prime Minister.  The most important job of the Prime Minister is keep Australians safe. He has failed to do so with devastating consequences for our community. The boats keep coming and the borders are not secure under this government. Australians feel unsafe on the streets, thanks to this Prime Minister and his Immigration and Home Affairs Minister allowing dangerous criminals to stay and be released into our community. It’s incompetence. Our economy continues to spiral out of control as the price of everything continues to skyrocket under this government. Small businesses are closing at an alarming rate with the pressure of their interest payments almost tripling under Labor. It’s outright mismanagement. $27 billion on 36,000 new public servants. $600,000 for a speech writer – and that’s just the latest. Don’t forget the almost $500 million on a failed referendum. Waste from this government. Under the Labor Government there are no winners. Every single Australian is worse off now than they were 2 years ago. This is a government in chaos and a Prime Minister who has no idea what he is doing. This is an incompetent, mismanaged and wasteful government that must go.

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