Merry Christmas 2020

8 Dec | '2020

Through this challenging year, community leaders in Moncrieff have been serving our Gold Coast community to address immediate and future needs.  Thankyou to the members of your City Heart Task Force and the Moncrieff Community Cabinet for your leadership in the Moncrieff community through this difficult year.

I’d also like to acknowledge Gold Coast business leaders for the resilience you have displayed in the face of the pandemic’s economic impact. Not only have you shown the fortitude to deal with the immediate impacts but also to plan for a bright future. That determination was on show as we gathered at the Reimagine Forum and since as you began the recovery.

To my coalition colleagues I acknowledge your professionalism, friendship and highly effective response to the pandemic. To everyone in this place, we don’t always agree on the how of serving the Australian people, but there is no doubt that we share a commitment of wanting the best for all our nation’s people.

To all of the community groups that serve Moncrieff, too many to mention in this short time, your volunteer work has eased the burden and brightened the world of so many Gold Coasters.  Well done.

To the good people of Moncrieff, I commend you for your determination, discipline, hard-work, good humour and care for your families and communities. Merry Christmas. Let’s all look forward to better 2021.

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