Nerang Community Centre Visit

4 Aug | '2021


Last week I had the great pleasure of visiting the Nerang Visitor Information Centre and art gallery in my electorate of Moncrieff. Both are run entirely by the selfless volunteers of the Nerang Community Association. The Nerang Visitor Information Centre is located inside Ceramic House, which is a beautiful heritage home built in 1919 in the immediate aftermath of World War I. Just next door is Preece House. Built in 1948, this house was previously a family home for the Veivers—who have been well known on the Gold Coast for some 50 years—before being donated to the Nerang Community Association, who have transformed it into the historical art gallery it is today.

The Nerang Community Association, led by Derek and Lynn Ogden, have brought Ceramic House and Preece House back to life, restoring them to their former glory. Six days a week both houses open their doors, welcoming visitors from near and far—you should see their guest book, Mr Deputy Speaker—allowing them the opportunity to take a step back in time, with all furnishings and artefacts inside from the truthful period.

I thank the Nerang Community Association for the work and the advocacy that they do for their local community. You can truly see just how passionate they are about the community and maintaining their beautiful heritage homes for future generations to enjoy in Nerang. They come from all over Queensland to experience the heritage of these two houses. We certainly have a very close community on the Gold Coast and also in the community in Nerang.


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