Community News & Speeches

28 Nov | '2023

Moncrieff Electorate

It’s been a difficult year for many Gold Coasters in the midst of the Prime Minister’s cost-of-living crisis, and there will be no relief any time soon for those families who are doing it tough. I wish to thank all of those organisations among so many who assist those in my community who need a […]

24 Nov | '2023

Why the housing crisis is State Labor Govt’s failure

Last Friday’s edition contained a thought bubble from the new housing minister that intended to deflect from the mounting woes of the state Labor Government. Typical Labor talking points that say there is nothing to see here and blame the previous federal government for the crisis in housing gripping our region.

14 Nov | '2023

ASE Group

Last week I met with Taj and the team at the ASE Group’s Australian schools of employment and entrepreneurship. Their mission is to equip every Australian with the skills, resources and mindset they need to start a business and enter the workforce, regardless of their postcode. I met Mo, who is actually from Woodridge, which […]

13 Nov | '2023

MOB Academy

Today I want to talk about what it is that young people really need to thrive—in particular, what young men need to thrive—and to talk about an organisation in my electorate of Moncrieff on the Gold Coast, in the suburb of Southport. There is an organisation there called MOB Academy, Men of Business. It was […]

13 Nov | '2023


A new report has found a lack of regional child care services still has parents choiceless. The Parenthood report has revealed childhood education and care services are limited to non-existent in regional areas. That means children are missing out on educational, social and health benefits and parents, of course, many of them can’t re-enter the workforce or can’t get the number of days they want to. The report has called for change to back better access.

10 Nov | '2023


All right, time now for our political panel, and joining us we have here in the studio, Labor frontbencher Anthony Chisholm, welcome back Anthony. And from Queensland, LNP frontbencher Angie Bell is with us and she’s in Brisbane, I believe, welcome to you Angie.

13 Sep | '2023

Gold Coast Community Fund

Gold Coasters supporting Gold Coasters—that’s what my community does on the Gold Coast, and I’m so proud to be associated with those organisations who raise funds to help those in need. Since 2000, the Gold Coast Community Fund has raised $4.5 million for those that need a helping hand with their grocery bills, their educational […]

8 Sep | '2023

Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Closing Loopholes) Bill 2023

The reality is that the Australian people must understand that the changes proposed by this bill are far from very modest, as the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations describes them. This is a radical re-ordering of Australian workplace law, which every business organisation in Australia has pleaded with this government not to go ahead […]

6 Sep | '2023

Child Care

The last time Labor was in government, out-of-pocket childcare costs skyrocketed by 53 per cent. In the last nine months alone, they’ve already increased by a whopping eight per cent. The Prime Minister promised Australian families cheaper child care. He promised them lower out-of-pocket costs and promised on multiple occasions they would be better off […]