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Speeches & Community News

22 Jun | '2020

Electorate Wide Newsletter

To the good people of Moncrieff It’s certainly been a tough start to 2020 for the Gold Coast.  Thank you for the personal sacrifices that you have made to save lives and keep our city safe.  As we keep social distancing in place, life as we know it has changed and it’s important that we […]

19 Jun | '2020

Speech – Moncrieff Volunteer Grants 2020

Volunteers have a strong presence throughout the Moncrieff electorate. Whether it’s helping out with local sporting teams, responding to natural disasters and emergencies, or helping local charities support some of our most disadvantaged people, the most important of volunteers have never been more relevant than now as we work to meet the challenges presented by […]

16 Jun | '2020

Speech – RDA Gold Coast Survey on COVID-19

I rise to speak about a survey which has been released by Regional Development Australia on the Gold Coast, which reveals how deeply affected local businesses are by the COVID-19 pandemic. It found that 92 per cent of Gold Coast businesses have been impacted by the pandemic, including those who are not being paid on […]

15 May | '2020

Speech-Morrison Government COVID-19 Response to Protect Gold Coast Jobs

It’s my privilege to speak on today’s matter of extreme public importance focused on the government’s economic response to the coronavirus to protect Australian jobs. The coronavirus outbreak impacts personal health and the health systems of countries around the world and it’s also having profound economic implications, particularly in my central Gold Coast electorate of […]

15 May | '2020

Speech – Gold Coast Road to Recovery – Federation Chamber

I’d like to acknowledge those who are currently suffering from the effects of COVID-19 on the central Gold Coast. In the first week of this crisis, I established the Moncrieff community cabinet to work together with community leaders to ensure that trusted sources of information could be shared directly with our people in the heart […]