Poem – Mental Health

22 Nov | '2022

Mental Health

Sitting in the corner
Not knowing what is going to come next
Will it be my fear?
or my concerns?
Why is it never my dreams?
My happy place?
Does it always have to be worried and bad times
Something good would be nice for a change
Treacherous thoughts running through my head
Mad I am,
All alone
Mindless of my surroundings
I want to dissolve into the atmosphere
One part of my body at a time
Until I’m as thin as air
And go “swish” in the wind
Mum is always worrying
If I am okay
She thinks I’m hurt
Checking on me every day
Fighting fears, fighting concerns
Feels like I’m trapped
In a dark, empty room
Trying to get out
Waves of emotions
Every day I swim
Through gloomy waters
I can never see the shore
Hope and luck,
Things I don’t have
At the end of the day
I hate my body in every single way
Depression is a silent film
Under water
Where nobody can help
I am drowning because I won’t talk about it
I can not
Get out of my bed
Anxiety always holding me hostage
Inside my hurting head
When people ask me
Where am I
They should just ask
Where have I gone?
I don’t have hope
I’m dwelling in my darkness
What is hope?
I’ve forgotten how it feels
To smile,
And laugh
But I know joy will find me
And let me run free
And I know that I am perfectly imperfect
I cannot go through these things alone
And hopefully, out of the darkness,
Help will come.

By Georgia Scantlebury
Trinity Lutheran College, Gold Coast

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