We All Have a Responsibility to Support Women

29 Mar | '2021

Gold Coast Bulletin 29/3/2021

I joined several of my Morrison government colleagues at the women’s march in Canberra last week because I support Australian women and I represent the women of Moncrieff. I do not believe the march alone will improve respect for women and deliver outcomes to women, who deserve to be safe at home, in public and at work. I do believe we all have an opportunity and a responsibility to improve the lives of Australian women and children.

Firstly, men and women must unite on this issue, not divide. This is the responsibility of us all. Respect for everyone is key. I am focused on working with my coalition colleagues, of both sexes in key areas to make real and lasting change. Deeds not words. Let me highlight a few.

The recent shake up of the federal family law court to minimise delays and costs to families is an important step in the right direction, but more can and should be done to improve the experience for women who enter the justice system for criminal and civil matters of gendered violence.

I have made representations to the Minister Hume about the importance of equity and adequacy issues for women’s economic security and superannuation.

I think a lens should be applied across all portfolios that delivers better outcomes for women through policy applications and through the budget process. This is a broad and appropriate approach to a problem that is broad and far reaching.

Further, the inquiry into family, domestic and sexual violence that is due out next week, should be highlighted on the national cabinet standing domestic violence agenda item, to look at the recommendations on how to improve outcomes quickly for women who live with this reality.

I’d like to see cultural change through more educational and critical early intervention programs for boys. I congratulate Marco Renai at MOB Academy in Southport and the Men of Business on the Gold Coast who support this initiative with their fundraising efforts for this groundbreaking work.

MOB have already made a difference to the lives of 1000 young boys and have capacity for 100 boys at their Southport campus. Their “building better men” programs educate, mentor and produce individuals who understand the value of respect. When one “atrisk” boy has a positive role model to help him grow into a fine young man, it affects a whole community. His family, his peers, his work mates, his own life and importantly, the women and girls around him are respected.

There is an abundance of good men in parliament and I’d like to reassure those who voted for me to go to Canberra and represent you, that my personal experience has been a positive one. I have not been disrespected by men in the LNP.

In fact, I am pleased that I am in our nation’s capital while our parliament, our country and our government increase the focus on changing our culture for the better.

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