Tourism in Moncrieff

16 Feb | '2021

Last week, at my invitation, the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment visited Moncrieff to listen to stakeholders from the tourism and events industries. My colleagues the member for McPherson and the member for Fadden also attended. They are always strong advocates for Gold Coast industries. I say thank you to all the stakeholders, too numerous to mention in the short time I have, for sharing your insights and to the staff for hosting this event. A big thank you goes to Geoff Hogg at The Star.

Listening at the roundtable, I found that one of the clear messages from stakeholders was on the damage done by state government border closures. The uncertainty continues to interrupt holidays and business trips and, worse still, sees cancellations or virtually no bookings, eroding that all-important business confidence. The difference between the states in how they manage outbreaks is quite stark.

The minister understands that for Gold Coast business and tourism operators the best support comes from measures that get tourists back through the door. The $50 million Business Events Grants Program is exactly that type of measure because of the flow-on effects to small business. There are 22 Gold Coast business events in 2021 already listed as approved for the grant. Event attendees can apply through the government’s program to help cover their out-of-pocket costs. To business operators around the country I say: event here this year and, especially, event on the Gold Coast.

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