Albanese Government

29 Nov | '2023

This Labor government is in chaos. It’s like a summer cyclone after 18 months of wind. It’s culminated into a cost-of-living crisis, and the economy is in the low of the storm. Labor’s waters are breaching national security and Australians who rely on their government to keep them safe in their communities are drowning. This government has failed on the economy. The cost of living is going through the roof and families cannot afford to hold it together. Inflation under Labor has been higher for longer, causing interest rates to be higher, inflicting pain on Australian families. This government has spent $188 billion keeping inflation higher for longer. And especially at Christmas, when families want to celebrate together and want to spend extra money on groceries, want to spend extra money on celebrating togetherness, alas, under this Albanese Labor government 50 per cent of Australians say they are worse off this year and their pay packets don’t go as far as they did last year.

Electricity costs under this government are up by 18 per cent. Where’s the $275 the Prime Minister promised? He promised Australians $275 off their electricity bill, but under this government electricity is up by 18 per cent. And gas: if you want to cook on your gas cooker—I’ve got one at home—prices are up by 28 per cent. That’s expensive. And unaffordable rents are due to high interest rates, because landlords pay those interest rates—due to this government keeping inflation higher for longer.

They are distracted.

They have been distracted on what matters most to Australians, which is the economy. They have been distracted by the Prime Minister’s $450 million referendum that failed. The Prime Minister paid $450 million for Australians to categorically tell him they will not be divided on race. What a waste of money.

The government has spent $4.7 billion on increasing the childcare subsidy without one new place in regional and remote Australia. They may have helped some families, but there are families who still cannot access early childhood education and care. Families are languishing on waiting lists everywhere, all over the country. Those families who can’t work can’t pay the bills. This is all under the Albanese Labor government, 18 months in.

The Prime Minister’s been distracted by his flight times, and he has dropped his boarding pass a few times now. He has dropped his boarding pass on national security. Ten boats have attempted to come to our shores. It is a disgrace. His immigration minister and his home affairs minister are patting each other on the back during question time on what a great job they’ve done, but it’s now costing taxpayers $255 million to boost community safety for their failure. We have over 100 hardened criminals now out in our community. One of them we don’t know where they are. We don’t know where that criminal is thanks to this government. Thanks to this government, Australians have to lock their doors this Christmas. Australians, you have to watch your children very closely this Christmas thanks to this government letting paedophiles out onto the street. You have to tighten your belts and you have to batten down the hatches for another year under the cyclone that is this Labor government. They are failing Australians where they should not be—failing on the economy, failing on national security and failing on community safety, which is the primary role of governments. It’s to look after Australian citizens. Shame on you!

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