Albanese Government: Cost Of Living

5 Jul | '2024

Australians are being conned by this incompetent Labor government. Forty million dollars is being spent on an advertising campaign to tell all of you that you’re better off with their tax cuts. But Australians aren’t mugs—no, they are not. Their bills are up, their costs are skyrocketing and their living standard has collapsed by eight per cent. Families are struggling to make ends meet. For this government to say it is delivering real cost-of-living relief to households is a complete and utter farce.

This government promised cheaper child care, but out-of-pocket costs are higher than they were two years ago. Childcare costs have increased by a whopping 7.2 per cent in just six months, and many families are facing further increases they simply cannot afford. At this rate, the government are doing exactly what their Labor predecessors did, where fees skyrocketed 53 per cent in just six years, and yet they still promise that life will be easy under Albanese. When will life be easier—

The DEPUTY SPEAKER (Ms Claydon): Member for Moncrieff, you will use the titles—

Ms BELL: I withdraw. Australians—

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: Member for Moncrieff, stop—proper titles.

Ms BELL: are asking—

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: Member for Moncrieff, use correct titles when referring to somebody in this chamber. You can go back to it and put in the correct title.

Ms BELL: When will life be easier, Prime Minister? When? Australians aren’t stupid. They see right through the Labor spin. They know that they are paying more now for everything that they were under the coalition. It’s just broken promise after broken promise. Another Labor— (Time expired)

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