Extra Funding for Nerang SHS and Southport SS

19 Oct | '2020

Thank you, Mr Deputy Speaker. I do enjoy visiting the schools in Moncrieff because it’s very impressive to see the dedication of the teachers and the parents, the tangible benefits of funding to students and to families and of course the enthusiasm of so many students.

Last week, I was pleased to visit Nerang State High School to see how they put $25,000 in additional federal funding to really good use, from the Stronger Communities Fund. The school received $15,000 from the Morrison Government, to match $15,000 from the P&C, to upgrade a courtyard used by the Special Ed Unit. In Mental Health Week. The school has equipped their well-being chill-out zone, an important mental health resource with $10,000 from the Local Schools Community Fund.

Well done to the P&C President Tracy Spiers for her commitment delivering results for students at the Nerang State High School. I thank the Principal Scott Ison and his staff for all the great work teaching and the many things they do beyond teaching to support students.

It was fantastic to see the generosity of the school community, hosting a charity fundraising morning tea event when I visited last week to support Dolly’s Dream. Many in this place will be familiar with Dolly’s Dream, the national conversation about bullying and cyber bullying. The program is delivered by the highly respected Alannah and Madeline Foundation.

The Southport State School also received funding from the Local Schools Community Fund, Mr Deputy Speaker. The school received $15,000, which has funded the installation of an outdoor fitness station, contributing to the physical and mental health of the students.

The Principal, Mr Taylor Haley took time to answer my questions regarding the school, including the impact of the pandemic. Along with the many happy families and students, Mr Haley and his dedicated staff spend a great deal of time supporting students who would otherwise struggle to make the most of their education without intervention. Unfortunately, the pandemic has caused an increase in social problems for many families. Underscoring the importance of government support measures.

One of the great things at Southport State School has implemented is a better way for students and families to access mental health support. They recognised that many families find access difficult and don’t have access to a vehicle. The school has arranged a psychologist to visit 2 days a week for sessions referred by a GP. The Budget has invested $101 million to make available an additional 10 psychology sessions to all Australians, who may need extra support at this time. I commend the principal Mr Taylor Haley, not only for his dedication to students, but his local leadership in guiding community members to available support measures. It was wonderful to visit the school and hear first-hand about how families in Moncrieff are doing. Thank you. Mr Deputy Speaker.

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