Gold Coast Community Fund

13 Sep | '2023

Gold Coasters supporting Gold Coasters—that’s what my community does on the Gold Coast, and I’m so proud to be associated with those organisations who raise funds to help those in need. Since 2000, the Gold Coast Community Fund has raised $4.5 million for those that need a helping hand with their grocery bills, their educational needs but also, during COVID-19, if I think back to that time, they were very generous in working with my office to help community centres keep their doors open by paying their electricity bills. On Friday morning, we gathered for breakfast at the Gold Coast Turf Club to raise funds for the Gold Coast Community Fund. We had Gerry Harvey and Katie Page on stage as the hilarious guest speakers, and they helped to raise over $200,000 from our community on the Gold Coast, as I said, to help those who need a hand up.

I’d like to mention a few names. To the patron, Rob Borbidge AO, the former Premier of Queensland, thank you for your work. Thank you to Rutland Smith, Nick Scott, Karen Phillips, Sepehr Abedian and his family, Belinda Dawes and to all of those who dug deep to support our community on the Gold Coast, who really need a helping hand at this time during this cost-of-living crisis, when demand is going through the roof.

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