Gold Coast Manufacturing

19 Oct | '2020

When most Australians think of the Gold Coast they think of tourism, Madam Deputy Speaker. And Gold Coasters are acutely aware of the role played by our $5 billion tourism industry, but also construction, health, education and small business, when it comes to the economy and to jobs.

Many however may not be aware that manufacturing is one of our key economic pillars on the Gold Coast and it contributes $7 billion and 14,000 direct jobs to our local economy.

Now just over a week ago, I joined the Prime Minister, the Member for McPherson, the State Leader of the LNP, Deb Frecklington, the Member for Currumbin, Laura Gerber, and the LNP candidate for Gaven, Kirsten Jackson, on a visit to local manufacturers.

The numbers that really stood out were those in each business that who told their story. Hearing about the number of employees in each business and how many apprentices or trainees they were skilling. Each job comes with a happy smiling face and a bright future and watching them beam with pride at their achievements, while they spoke with the PM, underscores to me of the vital importance of protecting and creating jobs. Each of these people has a special story and provides inspiration to others. The Morrison Government’s Modern Manufacturing Strategy, architected by Minister Andrews, will see many more Gold Coasters with a bright future and that big beaming smile. My priority for Moncrieff, Madam Deputy Speaker, is jobs and many of them will be in manufacturing.

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