Gold Coast Multicultural Hub Offically Open

31 Jan | '2020

Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs Jason Wood and Local MP Angie Bell officially opened a new Gold Coast Multicultural Hub in Southport today, designed to assist those from diverse backgrounds to integrate into the community.

The Hub has been created by the Multicultural Families Organisation (MFO) and is equipped for migrants to meet at one location to assist with language, job training, cross-cultural training and domestic violence matters.

Gold Coast MP Angie Bell said local community organisation such as MFO play an important role in fostering integration in our city.

“The Gold Coast is a very multicultural city, and the hub is a great way of bringing people together to raise awareness about our diversity and help migrants succeed in the workforce, or participate more in the local community” Ms Bell said.

“I’m proud the Federal Government has delivered over $3.5 million in the past 3 years to this organisation so they can continue to do wonderful work in our community.”

MFO Director Cornelia Babbage said there was a huge demand for the services provided by MFO and the Hub.

“I had many community groups from different cultural backgrounds approach me to provide a one-stop shop for assisting migrants and refugees, and women escaping domestic violence.

“Migrants and refugees often have greater difficulty with issues such as language barriers, education and training (and getting their diplomas recognised), health issues (refugees) so this hub will help with supporting them through the settlement process and assisting them to integrate into our community faster.

“We also have an educational program to teach youth about the dangers of radicalisation and what to do if they come across it with their peers.

“The Federal Government funding for the various programs we will be holding at the Hub means our local migrant community will have a place to call home, learn and contribute more to our city.”

Assistant Minister Jason Wood said the Federal Government is focussed on policies that ensure Australia continues to build on its immigration success story.

“The Federal Government promotes Australian values and identity, and works towards building a socially cohesive society,” Mr Wood said.

“Australia is stronger and more prosperous as a nation because of our multicultural heritage and the government is committed ensuring the communities receive the necessary support through projects such as this Multicultural Hub.

“The Australian community has been enriched by the presence of migrant groups, who have brought diversity to our cities, suburbs and towns.”

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