Little Grubbs Orchard

20 Jun | '2023

Little Grubbs Orchard in Southport do fantastic work to support children and families impacted by neurodevelopmental conditions, disabilities, special needs or behavioural issues. When the son of director, Lily Grubb, was diagnosed with autism at age three, her family found there weren’t many support services available. Fortunately, for Moncrieff residents, Lily started Little Grubbs Orchard to ensure that other families in similar circumstances had access to support services and weren’t left behind. One of the special things about Little Grubbs Orchard is that there’s no age limit. Children can continue to attend and receive support into their schooling years.

I revisited Little Grubbs Orchard a few weeks ago for afternoon tea and to see their newly expanded premises—which is a much-needed expansion, might I add. During the visit, the team surprised me with a saxophone. For any in the Chamber that are unaware, I was a professional saxophonist for 35 years. So it was a bit of a surprise when they opened up the case. I really enjoyed playing the ‘Pink Panther’ theme and ‘Mary had a Little Lamb’ to the children, and they had a go on the sax themselves. It was great fun to give them a lesson. I’m always impressed by the work of Miss Lily and her team of behavioural therapists. They provide much love, care and support for the children and their families. Their passion and love for the job is on display. Little Grubbs Orchard is truly life changing for children with neurodevelopmental conditions, disability, special needs or behavioural issues. Thank you for all you do, Lily Grubb.


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