Women’s March

18 Mar | '2021

I joined my coalition colleagues at the respect for women march because I believe we can do more to improve the lives of Australian women. Women deserve to be safe at home, in public and at work. I do not believe the marches alone will improve respect for women, and I do not agree with all the demands made or how the road to improvement has been politicised by the other side. It should be above politics, but at this stage in the election cycle, very sadly, it is not. I do believe that we, the government, can effect more and lasting change in this area, as we have in so many others. The truth is that it’s the Liberals who, time and time again, have delivered real action for women.

My late mother, my sister, my friends, I and some of my colleagues have lived experience of gender based violence and abuse, sexual harassment, inappropriate sexual innuendo and unwanted advances. It is simply not okay. Every woman in this place has worked hard to be here, and I take that responsibility very seriously. I’ve worked to gain the respect of my colleagues and my staff so that I can live the change all women deserve and be the voice of the women of Moncrieff. So I say to all the women of Moncrieff and all the women across Australia: I see you, I hear you, I believe you and I, along with my colleagues—men and women—am working to improve your lives.

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