Child Care

3 Aug | '2023

The Albanese government promised families on at least 100 occasions that they would be better off under Labor, and yet, in just over a month, I’ve been contacted by so many families expressing their frustration at watching their childcare fees increase, their out-of-pocket costs rise and their increased subsidy go up in smoke, Prime Minister!

According to The Parenthood, 90 per cent of families have experienced an increase in their childcare fees in recent weeks. Sarah from Jamisontown watched her fees rise by $18 a day, as did Holly from Everton Hills. Naomi from Rothwell watched her fees rise by $45 a day for her two children. I’ve heard from single parents who were hoping for fee relief so that they could pay their other bills. They need to pay their electricity bills. Now they’re trying to figure out how to feed their families, pay their mortgages and keep the heating on this winter.

Labor threw $4.7 billion out the door without doing the proper modelling. That means that much of that funding has been eaten up by inflation and higher fees rather than going into the pockets of families who need it now. While Labor denied this policy would add to inflation, the ABS said, ‘Price increases for a range of services like rents, restaurant meals, child care and insurance are keeping inflation high’. Australian families deserve more, and the tricky Albanese government— (Time expired)

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