Early Childhood Education – 90 Second Statement

6 Sep | '2022

It’s been over a hundred days and this government has yet to do anything to address the rising pressures in the early childhood education sector—over 100 days and there’s been no movement on the ACCC price mechanism or Productivity Commission review that the government promised at the last election. There have been no details provided on their 90 per cent subsidy policy, which they’ve pushed to the backburner claiming it’s too costly to introduce now and would place further pressures on the sector.

Labor’s rushed policy will skyrocket fees, reduce quality of care for children and make the situation in early childhood education worse. This government has spent more time jetsetting overseas and banging on about former prime ministers than they have addressing the concerns in the sector. And it’s disappointing.

In contrast, I’ve spent the last 100 days meeting with educators, families and stakeholders, and they’ve expressed disappointment in the government’s lack of action in the early childhood space. This government appears to have no plans to address workforce issues, no plans to address the skills shortage and no plan for the future of the sector. It’s been 100 days of this Albanese government and they’ve already let families down, across the sector, with early education costs set to increase under this government.

Australian families deserve to know if they will really be better off under Labor. It’s time the government focused less on politics and more on a plan to ensure a strong economy that supports Australian workers and families.

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